Revolutionizing healthcare

Food 3D printing can potentially play a role in revolutionizing healthcare for patients who suffer from swallowing problems. 


Patients who suffer from swallowing problems often are only able to chew and swallow foods that have been pureed, to ease the digestive process. 

Foods are regularly pureed and served as is.  This, over time, can become monotonous and remove the pleasure derived from eating and enjoying a meal.


Now, with Food 3D printing, ingredients are able to be printed into more interesting formats, to once again bring a sense of delight in eating. 


Once again, a wide range of foods and ingredients can be made available to allo, as eating is more than simply a physical requirement, but also contributes to a sense of wellbeing and life enjoyment. 


Food 3D printing is a step in the right direction in revolutionizing healthcare.