Benefits of 3D Food printing

Food 3D printing might seem like something from the future, but it is an accessible technology that can be incorporated in your kitchen today. Here's a look at why you would want to 3D print food. 


1. Create structures that were not possible before

One of the greatest benefits of using a Food 3D printer is that it breaks the barriers of traditional food preparation.

Complex or empty shapes like cubes or spheres can be made using a plastic or sillicone mould, however, it does come with limitations. You are restricted to relatively simple shapes.


Food 3D printing opens up limitless options to create 3D structures with shapes that look more like art than food.

2. Personalization

Food 3D printing bringsa completely unique and personal element to food preparation.  Individual dishes can easily be programmed to include specific names, images, favourite things, meaningful shapes, company logo's, special days and holidays, icons, pictograms and more.  


The beauty of Food 3D printing is that you can program your design for each individual print, and are not bound to a specific design for a whole production batch.

Imagine a conference or wedding where you have a large number of guests, and each person can receive a dish with their own name or silhouette printed on their plate.


In a world where personalization is becoming more and more popular and important, this is the perfect edition to get the edge, differentiate yourself from competitors and delight consumers. 

3. Automation

A food 3D printer can complete its job, without human intervention or supervision.  You can start a series of prints and let the printer complete it with full confidence of a reliable print result.

This is a very attractive reason to use the FELIX Food 3D printer.  High output and production capacity means that you can incorporate this technology where there is a high demand for accurate, repeatable food objects. 


Food 3D printing is the cutting edge of food technology and cannot be missed in the modern kitchen.