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How many materials can you print at once?
The FELIX FOOD 3D Printer range has three models. The Single Head Food 3D printer can print one type of paste per print. The printer uses a syringe system, so you can easily insert a new paste in a clean syringe, once your print is completed.

The Switch Head Food 3D printer can paste two different types of materials in one single print. You can combine to ingredients and print them simultaneously. You can select which layers or sections of an object should be which paste.

The Twin Head Food 3D printer can complete two of the same 3D printed objects simultaneously. The syringes and nozzles are a set distance apart, so you have identical objects printing. The syringes may be filled with the same or different materials.
Is 3D printed food safe to eat?
Is there a warranty on the FELIX Food 3D printer?