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What is Food printing?

Get creative with personalized food 3D printing. Food 3D printing is the art and science of creating a 3-dimensional structure made of food in a paste-like medium. The final structure gets 'built' when the 3D Food printer places layer upon layer, to create a delicious, three dimensional edible object.

Create culinary masterpieces with 3D printed pastes, chocolate, vegetable purée, meat, soya and more.

Why 3D print food?

Building up an object layer by layer opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities. Traditionally, intricate or complex shapes have been created using standard techniques, such as moulds, spinning sugar, making sugar glass sheets, layering various ingredients in their original form or the like.

By 3D printing food, new geometries are possible. Arches, angles, shapes and structures do not have to conform to limiting flat or 2D surfaces anymore. The plate gets elevated, literally, simply through the use of this spectacular new method of food preparation.

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Unique and Personalized

Food 3D printing gives you a versatile and dynamic platform to create unique and personalized items.


Extroardinary Designs

Break the limits of traditional food preparation. Explore patterns, compositions and structures that were not possible before.


Flawless Printing

Delicate, accurate and precise 3D printing for an impeccable final result.

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Time saving

Edible 3D printing can be less time-consuming than traditional cooking. Indeed, users can launch a food 3D print and move on to other activities. Once the food 3D print is started, there is no more need for manual intervention.


Reduce waste

Give not so perfect ingredients a new life. Make them into a paste and create unique dishes which look and taste better than the original.



You can make your own healthy mix of ingredients and present it in a tasty way.

Why choose a FELIX FOOD 3D Printer?

With a FELIX FOOD 3D Printer in your kitchen's arsenal, you now have the ability to create and produce unique and unsurpassed creations everyday. Our printers are designed to the highest standards to meet the environment rigors of your kitchen. From easy prep to the final product, FELIXprinters is the correct choice in FOOD 3D Printing and creation design support.

About FOOD 3D Printing

Three incredible but different FOOD 3D Printers

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"Very happy with the Felix Food 3D Printer"

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About Food 3D printing

If you're curious to understand how Food 3D printing works and how it can be used in the food and hospitality sector, here is a concise description of how you can use Food 3D printing technology to your benefit.

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About FELIXprinters

FELIXprinters just celebrated its 10th anniversary. For the last decade, the company has refined and perfected its offering of professional and industrial 3D printers. The product portfolio includes ideal 3D printers for the technical, educational, professional and industrial sectors. With a strong foundation of quality plastic filament 3D printers, the company has recently branched out to provide the same level of superiority in more emerging 3D printing fields: this includes the FELIX BIOprinter, customized industrial 3D printing series production, High Temperature 3D printers and now also, FELIX FOOD printers... Read more


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