What is 3D food printing?

A Food 3D printer deposits ingredients, in the form of a paste, in layers on top of one another, to form a new edible 3D object.

This is done by loading a paste into a syringe, and with the use of computer software, it is then squeezed out through the nozzle in any shape or form that you wish.


9 Reasons why


Unique selling point

Incorporating a Food 3D printer and presenting dishes in a profound new way gives you a unique selling point to delight your customers with something new, unusual and personalized.


Creative design

Transform ingredients to create astounding and beautiful new shapes, forms and geometries.


Commercial possibilities

A Food 3D printer can be the springboard you need to turn your creative ideas into a sellable product.


Early Innovation

This technology is brand new on the market, is relatively unknown by the general population and that is a unique space to be in with a product. Capitalize on this innovative technology to make your offering stand out



Produce food that are catered to specific individuals, based on:
a. Allergies – include or exclude components
b. Personalized nutritional content – include essential vitamins and minerals for sportsmen, people with chronic illnesses or children with sensory needs.


Healthy habits

Motivate habits of eating healthy food by presenting it in enticing new ways



A Food 3D printer can take over time-consuming tasks, freeing up time and capacity. Without needing human intervention, the food 3D printer can:
a. Create a base layer for a dish, that can subsequently be delicately decorated
b. Create complex 3D structures perfectly every time
c. “Outsource” repetitive tasks to your Food 3D printer.


It’s versatile

Create dishes that are endless in their possibilities. Ingredients can be baked after printing to introduce more texture in the dish. Think of dough, pastas, meringues and more.


It’s delicious!

Explore flavour combinations and textures to create an amazing culinary experience.

Who is it useful for?

The food printers are intended for professional use and are also a great tool for food enthusiasts looking to upskill and branch out into the food sector.

Our customers are usually chefs that are at the cutting edge of innovation.

The Food 3D printer is ideal for use in restaurants, for fine dining, bakeries and confectionaries, conference centres, hotels e-commerce, chocolatiers and more

More information?

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