Please see this video to see a best practice to apply kapton tape, which can be bought in our webshop.

Tips and tricks:

  • Use thicker kapton sheets > 0.15mm thick, allowing easier application of the Kapton and also these thickness will last at least a couple of months of intensive printing instead of a few prints.
  • Avoid fake or bad quality Kapton, where only a very thin top layer is Kapton. 
  • In some cases it is better to pre-heat the bed to 60 degC before applying the Kapton sheet.
  • Before printing make sure the surface is clean of grease and debris. Best to use is methylated spirit. Other cleaning agents are aceton and highly concentrated alcohol.
  • Glue adhesives like Magigoo are also a good alternative. Warning: Cover machine parts or remove the bed when using spray like adhesives.
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