Glass Build Plate

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Upgrade your Felix Food Printer with the Premium Tempered Glass Plate and experience a new level of convenience and quality in food printing. Perfect for those who value precision and efficiency in their culinary creations.


Product Features:

  • High-Quality Tempered Glass: This plate is crafted from tempered glass, renowned for its durability and heat resistance. It allows for direct transfer from the printer to the oven, streamlining your food printing and baking process.
  • Ultra-Flat Surface: Engineered for precision, the ultra-flat surface of the glass plate ensures flawless first layers in your food prints. It's ideal for creating intricate designs with extra thin layers, guaranteeing consistently smooth and detailed outcomes.
  • Oven-Ready Convenience: Designed to withstand high temperatures, this glass plate can be directly placed in the oven, making it perfect for seamless baking after printing. Its robust construction ensures long-term use without the risk of warping or damage.
  • Automatic Calibration Feature: Specifically designed to assist in the automatic calibration of the dual syringes for the Felix Food Switch printer, enhancing print accuracy and consistency.


The Premium Tempered Glass Plate for the Felix Food Printer is a top-tier accessory designed to enhance your food printing experience. With its superior tempered glass construction, this plate excels in both durability and performance. The impeccably flat surface ensures that even the most delicate prints with thin layers come out perfectly every time, providing a reliable foundation for creative and culinary precision.


NOTE: This product is included when buying a switchhead food printer. 

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